Lal Then Allegedly Told Police He Had Received The Heroin From Chigozie Okafor, Originally From Nigeria And Staying In A Rented Property In New Delhi.

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It was carried out at night near a crematorium where a heroin deal was meant to take place, with Lal intending to hand the drugs to a buyer. He was ambushed by a group of police officers. “He was surrounded by the team and overpowered. Search of his bag led to the recovery of 4kgs heroin,” the Delhi police said in a statement. Lal then allegedly told you can find out more police he had received the heroin from Chigozie Okafor, originally from Nigeria and staying in a rented property in New Delhi. Okafor was arrested two days after Lal when he was on his way to deliver a drug stash, police said. Police said 1kg of heroin was discovered in Okafor’s bag. They raided his home and discovered chemicals and equipment suspected of being used to make heroin. Okafor told police he used the items to make heroin in his residence. “From the interrogation of both the arrested persons, it has been revealed that they are members of an international narcotic drug syndicate,” the police said.

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