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Georgia's controversial voting law faces new legal challenge Gwinnett County official presents new legal challenge to Georgia voting law Gwinnett County's Solicitor General filed a legal complaint against Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and the state's election board in response to Senate Bill 202. ATLANTA - The controversy surrounding Senate Bill 202 signed into law earlier this year continues. "It’s unfair to Gwinnet and any citizen in Georgia," Brian Whiteside said. The Gwinnett County Solicitor General filed a legal complaint against Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and the Georgia State Election. "The actual provision in regards to that is unconstitutional. It states that you can not share water in 150 feet or food. There are no constitutional reason for that," Whiteside said. Governor Kemp signed the Bill into law earlier this year causing a firestorm of reactions. Some see the Bill as a form of voter suppression against minority groups. Major League Baseball pulled their ‘all-star games’ from Truist Park. Several big movies set to film in the state have since left in protest. "Let’s say you’re in the line and have a friend whose voting also and you pass them some crackers. The way the law is written they can arrest you," Whiteside said. We reached out to the secretary of states office and got this response: "Brian Whiteside’s job is to enforce the law as written fairly and impartially, not pick and choose when and where to enforce the law. If he’s not interested in doing that…maybe he should consider another job." Whiteside said he wants to go before a judge before the November elections. "We are asking for an expedited court day immediately because we want this issue settled before the November elections.

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Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, cloud kitchens don’t have a dine-in facility. They take orders via apps -- in-house or Zomato or Swiggy -- and operate single or multiple food brands Most dine-in restaurants oscillated between 5 and 10 per cent of their total business coming from delivery. Everybody, in the last 5-6 quarters, has tripled that amount. Delivery forms a larger percentage of their business,” said Riyaaz Amlani, CEO and Managing Director of Impresario Handmade Restaurants. Restaurateur Kabir Suri, NRAI President, said that prior to Covid-19, delivery as a business was 5-6 per cent of the total revenues. “We believe that delivery as a business in our total revenue stream has become 40 per cent. We have managed to sustain that even with unlocking and restaurants opening up, we are pushing the pedal on both [dine-in and delivery],” he said, adding that his company Azure Hospitality has already opened 10 cloud kitchens, and is in the process of opening 10-15 more in FY22. Suri says the biggest mistake that cloud kitchens do is to operate 6-7 brands from one asset (cloud kitchen). “When there are 10 different cuisines in one kitchen, the manpower has to be trained specifically. The equipment used for one cuisine might not work for the other. That’s why a lot of cloud kitchens have a problem making money. Every cloud kitchen doesn’t make money,” he says. So what model is being followed by Azure? It’s using its existing brands to build a cloud kitchen vertical. How? For instance, Azure operates the dhaba brand. It has started a sub-brand Maalgaadi by Dhaba, which has the same staff and same kitchen as dhaba, but it’s priced differently. “We have built brand equity. Why should we create 15 new brands? We have the heroes. We can create sub-brands because everything new needs marketing, personnel and tech spends.


pic.twitter.com/KvmMeBqTSu — Bernard Jackman (@bernardjackman) September 22, 2021 Player to watch – George Ford (Leicester Tigers) After the announcement of England’s 45-man squad that will meet on Sunday, it was the exclusions more than inclusions that dominated the headlines across the media. No Billy or Mako Vunipola, Jamie George and Elliot Daly (injured) were large omissions, but perhaps the most surprising was Ford not being on Eddie Jones’ list. Ford has been one of the England head coach’s most trusted players during his tenure, but it appears Marcus Smith has now usurped the Leicester Tigers fly-half following his performances in the summer for both country and the British and Irish Lions. It is clear Smith is hugely talented and explanation hopefully gets his chances. But for Ford all he can do is respond in the best way he knows how – putting in a strong performance like the one he did against Exeter Chiefs in Round One. A number 10 of real quality, he was excellent at Welford Road and will hope to replicate that showing at Kingsholm against Gloucester, which we expect him to do. There’s no doubting his talent as a playmaker and if he can mount a series of top level outings for Leicester, starting against the Cherry and Whites on Friday , expect there to be calls for Ford to return to the England setup. Refreshed from a summer’s break, he is set to be instrumental in a likely Leicester revival. George Ford plays like he’s in a timeloop movie and knows exactly what the defence is going to do every phase and how exactly to unpick it because he’s lived it a gazillion times. He’s unbelievable. — Squidge Rugby (@SquidgeRugby) September 18, 2021 One-v-one battle to watch – Craig Casey (Munster) v Ruan Pienaar (Sharks) One of the PRO14’s best ever players returns to the newly-formed competition and it will be great to see Pienaar playing in front of European crowds once again this season.